2008 Homemade Teardrop Trailer


My father hand-built this teardrop camper trailer from scratch using raw materials he bought from various sources.  The trailer itself is a Harbor Freight kit trailer.  The only modification made to the trailer was to the tongue. The tongue was replaced with a longer piece of square tubing to make the trailer pull better.  My father built this trailer in about a month.  The teardrop camper trailer was built and designed to be pulled behind a motorcycle.  Teardrop trailers are a design that was very popular in the 40's and 50's.  This trailer looked very good when it was finished.  It looked a little on the large side, but it towed very well. It was 58 inches tall at its peak. The body of the trailer was  48 inches wide. It was 125 inches long from the hitch to the back of the trailer. For it's size, the trailer was very light weight, weighing only 250 lbs.  When it was empty and has no cooler mounted on the tongue, it had 22 lbs of tongue weight. The coupler accepted a 1 7/8 ball. The trailer was wired with a four wire flat plug. The trailer had doors on each side of it that open upwards and locked in place. It was designed this way to allow someone to get under the door in the event of rain. The windows on the doors were screened and opened up to allow fresh air into the trailer.

The trailer was wired for both A/C and D/C current. It had been wired with a 110 outlet. Simply attach an extension cord to the plug pictured below and plug it into an A/C outlet and you have A/C power for anything you want to bring with you.  The A/C outlet was underneath the shelf. The interior lights were DC as well as the exterior light next to the right-hand side door. There was also a cigarette lighter-type DC accessory outlet that has been wired to the trailer's battery. The battery was mounted under the rear of the trailer. This trailer could comfortably sleep two adults. There is ample room for whatever gear you want to pack for your motorcycle or other adventures.